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Hi all,

Welcome to iAgora’s Blog. My name is Philippe and I will be the one running this blog. I am am one of the founders of iAgora, so I was here when we started in an apartment in New York back in 1998. Many things have changed since then but we are still here doing our best to help people work and study around the world…

I have two goals with this blog: 1) that it’s useful and 2) that it’s interactive.

Regarding the first goal, I don’t want to write a Blog just because everybody does it. I think it will only be a good use or my time… and of yours of course, if you find it useful, if the blog adds some value to iAgora. So please give me feedback to know whether I am on the right track.

So you will wonder: how is this blog is going to be useful for me? Well, my intention is that you can find here some interesting information about companies in Europe, as well as some thoughts on professional life. I don’t want to create another boring list of companies – there’s plenty of that already – I want to allow you to discover places where you would like to work… or not. I believe that if you find an organisation that inspires you to feel ‘this is where I want to work’, then there will be high chances you will get a job there, because passion is really key.

I won’t be advertising for companies, I will be giving my more or less informed and honest opinion.

Regarding the second goal, well I guess it’s because iAgora was initially a community with a lot of interaction between people from all over the world and I just miss that part. It’s easy to forget that there is more to iAgora than the website, there’s a group of real people who want to allow more people to have international experiences. So this place is where we can connect. Also, the more people participate the more interesting, useful and alive it will be.

That’s it for my first blog!



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