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Do you play games on your cellphone? Chances are that if you do, you have played with Gameloft games.

This is a company that is 10 years old and was founded in Paris in 1999 by two brothers. Today the company has offices around the world, 4.000 employees and revenues of 110.000.000 Eur in 2008.

The company is riding the wave of mobile applications and games, so there is  still a lot of room for growth for a specialised player like Gameloft. Their business is about developing good games and striking deals with phone operators and phone manufacturers, but also about selling their games directly on their own website new platforms like Apple’s AppStore, Android’s Store (Google’s store for mobile applications), Ovi Store (Nokia’s store) etc…

So basically, this company should be particularly interesting if you are a programmer or a designer as they need talent to develop and improve games. Product managers probably have to handle technical people, creative people and business people.

Business people probably spend a lot of time organising the release of a new game. Marketing people work on communication (where to advertise, what to say, where to invest), on innovation (recommendations on new games, improvements etc…) and on daily business management like analysing and reporting results and setting up action plans. Sales are about establishing and maintaining relationships with the companies that make the mobile devices (AKA as OEMs, like Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Sony, Apple) or the phone carriers like Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange etc…

It’s always useful to work at an industry leader that is growing really fast. You can work with the best talent, the best technology and the name of company will make it much easier to negotiate deals with manufacturers, phone companies, software companies. There must be plenty of opportunities to grow internally and possibly move to different countries on new assignments. Also, the work atmospheere is bound to be electric, with a lot of yound dynamic people doing pretty exciting stuff.

The company is listed on the Paris stock exchange so pressure is probably pretty high to meet the quarterly numbers and keep growing fast.

Examples of jobs:

So do you kwow anybody who has worked at Gameloft? Do you have insights on how the mobile gaming industry works for those who are thinking of sending their CV?


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