Spotify – Hot new music startup

What will be the model for the music industry in the future? How will we buy and use music? By now you have probably heard   about this young startup called Spotify ( which might well be the future of music.

I spend many hours per day listening to music through Spotify and I am amazed about the amount of music they have in their catalogue. And it’s also a new experience, I have spent hours looking for songs that bring me back memories… and found many of them.

What can it be like to work at Spotify? On the one hand they have an amazing product, so they must have great technical talent (programmers, designers etc). It must be fun to work in product development and think of ways to improve the service, make music easier to find, develop the tool for all platforms like mobile, the iPhone etc… Can you imagine being able to access all of Spotify’s music and your own playlists through your mobile or iPod while you are walking on the street? Instead of paying 15 Eur for 1 CD I would surely pay for this…

On the other hand they have so much music that they have signed deals with thousands of artists and labels, so you can be sure they know about business development. But what can these deals with the labels and artists be like? Can you imagine sitting at the table with Universal Music to negotiate the deal to put AKON’s music on Spotify? What do you offer them? Will they say ‘Sure, no problem, you can put all my music on Spotify so that people can listen to it for free’? Spotify makes money with advertising and selling Premium services, so perhaps they share the advertising and Premium revenues with the artists?

Nobody knows what the music industry will look like in a few years, but for the moment it’s a complete chaos and some new players will emerge after the storm, will it be Apple? Will it be Spotify? In any case the opportunity is huge and joining a startup in such an early phase is a pretty unique experience.

Regarding the culture, you can expect a pretty young and dynamic team. The jobs are based either in Stockholm or in London, both are amazing cities places where I’ve been lucky to spend quite a lot of time and I would recommend them any time.

Check the jobs in tech, business and customer service:

So what do you think it would be like to work at Spotify? Do you think they have a winning model for the music industry? Do you see stronger competitors? Would you work there?

Apparently Spotify is already planning  to ‘invade the United States’ 🙂 Read more.


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