Burton – Passion for snowboarding

‘For the last 10 years I have snowboarded 100 days a winter’ . This are the words of Jake Burton, the founder and CEO of Burton, the leader in the snowboarding industry.

This is a company that is pure passion about what they do. Jake spent 10 years trying to make and sell a snowboard when the sport was starting, there were no standard snowboards and snowboards were not allowed in ski resorts. The market was so small that  “I’d go out with a station wagon full of boards and I’d come back with a station wagon full of boards, like a traveling salesman.”, Jake says. But eventually the market developped and his passion and perseverance paid off.

I am talking about this company because it’s all about passion. They are driven to develop snowboarding, not just as a sport but as a way of life, and that philosophy is perfectly captured in the personality of the founder and the way they work.

For snowboarding passionates this company must feel like home and allows the perfect lifestyle, combining a challenging work in a cutting edge company working to develop snowboarding and the possibility to go on snowboarding rides very often.

The company has a very unique culture, it encourages people to go snowboarding when there’s a ton of powder in the slopes and they allow people to bring their dogs to the office.  Many employees go for a ride in the snow before going to the office. Also, at iAgora we connect with a founder who says ‘While I certainly travel a lot, I regret the fact that I haven’t taken more time to actually live in some foreign locations. It has such a positive impact in terms of broadening your perspectives, but at the same time making you appreciate what you have at home.’  If you share their culture it must a pretty unique place to work at.

Regarding the professional opportunities, the company is owned by the founder, so they don’t disclose much business  information. However, there are reasons to believe that there are quite a few interesting opportunities. The company is firmly established in a large market like snowboarding and although growth might not be so fast and there are uncertainties about the future of industry (global warming?), Burton is diversified and is also a strong player in different markets like skateboarding and surfing.

If you are a snowboarding fanatic and are considering moving to Burlington in Vermont (United States) then you have the full range of professional opportunities in product design, product manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, HR. The most interesting positions are likely to be in product development (making the best boards out there) and marketing (branding, snow events etc…).

Check some positions in Digital Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance here.

In Europe their headquarters surprisingly are not in London… but in Innsbruck, Austria. There are currently a few junior positions in Sales, which is a great way to get started because you see how the business works and you are in contact with the products and the clients. You develop a feel for what the market wants, you build relationships with large clients, you participate in tradeshows in ski resorts and you travel Europe and the US. There is also a position in Accounting. Check them out!

Apply to Junior Sales Manager on iAgora.

Let me share a final quote from Jake, the company founder: ” What suggestions would you give to someone who aspires to be like you?
Choose an industry with a lifestyle that you can become passionate about and don’t ever consider giving up.”

If you are interested in this company make sure you spend some time on the company website www.burton.com and read the PDF about the company history. Also, check the ‘Daily Roll‘ to get a feel of the company in real time.



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