UEFA – Football organisers

Many of us play football from time to time and many more watch our clubs play the league and in European competitions. Almost all of us watch the final of the European Cup when Europe’s nations face each other for the supremacy of the continent’s most popular sport. For many of us football has brought some truly magic moments that generated incredibly strong emotions.

Those that organize the most intense football moments are the UEFA. They organise European club championships like the Champions League, the UEFA Cup and of course the EURO Cup which is held every 4 years.

Every year Europe’s top clubs play tournaments that generate a lot of prestige and revenues for those that participate. The UEFA organises those tournaments in cooperation with the national football associations and the clubs themselves. There is a lot of marketing work involving sponsorships, broadcast rights, advertising, discussions with the media outlets, discussions with the clubs etc… There is also a lot of legal work in terms of contracts and regulations concerning football in Europe.

UEFA also represents all of Europe’s national football associations and is deals with European laws and regulations about rights, tranfers etc…

The UEFA organisation is headquartered in Nyon, Switzerland and is headed by former football star Michel Platini. The organisation has 250 employees representing 25 nationalities. The official languages are English, French and German.

If you are passionate about football you might consider getting more involved professionally. You will find more information here: UEFA recruitment.


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