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Is global warming – or more correctly ‘climate change’ –  really happening? Okay, the ice in the arctic and the glaciers are melting quickly but is it really due to human activity? Isn’t it possible that it’s just part of a natural cycle and that global warming would still happen with or without humans?

I am not an expert on climate change but there is a large and growing majority of experts who say that there is compelling data on global warming. The consensus is that climate change is a reality, that it’s caused by humans, and that it’s happening faster than we thought. Here is an interesting article that clarifies some important myths about global warming.

Since the industrial revolution our society has been in constant need for energy, both for our own comfort (light, heat) and to produce (factories) and sell (transport) the goods that we need or want.  So much so that many political actions have been triggered by the need to ensure energy supply. So much so that the world’s largest and most profitable companies are oil companies (#1 being Exxon). If you think that Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom or Vodafone are large companies, just consider this – in 2008 Exxon had revenues of 459 billion USD and profits of 45 billion USD. Telefonica had revenuex of 57 billion USD and 7.5 billion USD in profits…

The problem is that while the demand for energy is growing constantly we highly depend on fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), about 84% of our total energy consumption. There are 2 problems with this, one is that  there is a limited supply of fossil fuels because they are generated by natural resources which are not renewable and are produced over hundreds of millions of years… and the other, and perhaps more importantly, is that their use threatens the climate through carbon emissions.

So there is no doubt that there is a huge and urgent need for new energy sources, and in particular for ‘clean’ and ‘renewable’ energy sources. This creates opportunities and obligations.

I am writing about Vestas because it represents a new kind of company, which is contributing to something necessary and good for the planet while at the same time it offers very solid, stimulating and challenging professional training and experience.

Vestas is the worldwide leader in Wind turbines, with 38% market share. It’s a Danish company with over 20.000 employees. The company has an installed base of 39.000 turbines in 63 countries. Together they produce enough energy to provide electricity for every household in a country like Spain.

Wind energy is growing very fast (30% per year) but it’s very complex to be able to make wind power a significant energy source. The business of Vestas is not just making turbines, but helping Wind projects around the world blossom (and still making a profit in the process). This means that they have to master all parts of the process: planning, instalation, operation and maintenance of wind farms. Those who buy the turbines require help in terms of development,  financing (private and/or subisidies) and ownership.

Well, this is a large and fast growing company which is playing a big role in something that is something good for the planet and necessary for our societies.

They offer plenty of exciting opportunities like University Programmes, a Graduate Programme and many job opportunities.


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