Nexus One, Google phone or iPhone?

Google just launched it’s much anticipated phone and it seems that it’s not going to change everything for everyone, how surprising…

From what I’ve read, the positives are that it’s a pretty nice, sleek and improved phone. It’s similar to an iPhone with some additional benefits because it’s newer. So for instance the camera is much better than the iPhone’s. On the downside it seems that Google service is extremely bad and Tech Support has been overwhelmed with customer complaints.

Google is selling the phone directly to consumers, and this is a very different business than selling advertising. Typically phone users go to the telecom carriers for their customer support, now that Google sells directly the telcos are routing calls to Google, and Google is having problems handling that properly.

One should be grateful to Google for its noble attempt to try to change the way phones are sold and remove some power from the telcos. However, it would only be noble at first glance if the power switches from the telcos to Google and not to the end user. However, this doesn’t seem at all likely right now.

Why is Google getting into the highly competitive, complicated, different and low margins business of building and selling phones? Most say, to be able to extend its advertising sales business on the phones and for that they need to make sure that they control the software that is in the phones.

While I’m not an expert in the mobile industry I wonder how this will all play out in just because of a branding conflict. Google means ‘internet’, what does the Google phone mean? Internet phone perhaps? Wait, that’s what the iPhone means right? So Google needs to beat the iPhone…

Google started its mobile adventure with a very simple and powerful proposition: making great and open software (the Android OS) that any mobile phone manufacturer can use and install for free in their phones. Google was true to itself, making great software.

It’s okay to compete with the software because no one needs to know that Google makes the software in the phones. But now they seem to be trying to compete with Apple in terms of branding, and that’s a whole different story because they need a full product, they need total control on the experience… and they need to make sure that that experience is going to be better than anything else. Tough.

We’ll see.


Jobs at Google

Jobs at Apple

However, every manufacturer took Google’s software and modified it (because it’s open)… so they created multiple experiences. And this is the problem, iPhone is one experience, it’s simple and consistent. Google is offering multiple experiences so it


2 Responses to “Nexus One, Google phone or iPhone?”

  1. Abraham Gruger Says:

    Great post – the iPhone gets a lot of love but also some deserved criticism. It’s definitely not the perfect device – we have a long way to go before that.

  2. Biotin Says:

    i would love to see a massive price drop on internet phones coz i like to buy lots of em ~’:

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