The iAgora Blog is about professional life and opportunities. We will try to write about companies and organisations you haven’t heard off, or give you a different perspective on the organisations you have heard of.

Also, we will try to share some ideas and experiences that might give you ideas or help you in your professional choices.

Hopefully you will find it useful, and you will contribute to the blog, the opportunities are sometimes closer than we think…

Sacha and Philippe


One Response to “About”

  1. Volker Sasse Says:

    I’m german, working as a vice president in the chinese company NavInfo.
    My chinese friend is an english student and will start an internship in NL in 2011.
    My question is:
    How can my friend get the dutch visa + working permission?
    The University does NOT request the internship.
    But we are convinced, that the internship will help a lot.
    Could you please tell me, how someone can get visa + working permission, who doesn’t have the “obligation” of an internship?

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