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New professions – Community Manager for Norway at Toluna in Paris


The internet has brought a lot of things, and one of them is a new profession that is establishing itself firmly in the corporate world. It’s the role of the Community Manager.

It’s probably one of the first roles that any startup tries to fill, but even good old multinationals are hiring Community Managers.

As a community manager you typically manage the company’s blog and other social properties like the Facebook page, the Twitter page etc… You are in charge for interacting with the users. You build a social strategy and execute it through a variety of online tools.

This role started as a typical internship position but it’s becoming more and more strategic.

Here’s a good description of the role: “A Community Manager is the face of a company, managing communications in both directions. This digital-savvy employee is responsible for all communications, PR, social media, events, and content creation, among other things.” by Erin Bury. Read full article.

Here is a link to a Community Manager job at online research company Toluna. They are based in Paris and are currently looking for Norwegian natives.

More Community Manager/ Social media specialist roles on iAgora.


Join the Mailchimp team in Atlanta – Looking for multilinguals!

31/05/2013, the leading service

It’s a cool company, they’re great at what they do, they are a private company, so pressure might be a bit less intense than in the typical cutting edge, VC-funded companies in sillicon valley… And they are based in Atlanta, which is original for leading hi-tech business.

If you speak any European languaga you might have good chances to get a job there, because they are currently looking for multilingual people in their techsupport department…

Click here to apply

Click here to see more jobs

Click here to read about Mailchimp

… or come to iAgora to search for more jobs and internships in tech companies and startups.

Barcelona hitech startup looking for Content Marketing Intern


Fever, is a Barcelona-based tech startup that develops a ‘going-out’ app. The team is young, dynamic and full of passion about technology.

You might want to check it out if you want to work in the tech field and/or live in Barcelona.

From the job description (click to view and apply):

“What we are looking for:

  • A great person, who we will enjoy to work with.
  • Cool, collective demeanour to perform under deadlines and pressure.
  • Self-directed and the ability to recognize key business trends within the social industry.
  • A positive mental attitude coupled with a passion for providing the best product ever.
  • Someone with an engaging and outgoing personality.
  • Know how to have a good time. After all, our industry is about leisure and entertainment.
  • Thorough understanding of our product needs and potential future market opportunities.
  • Cultural fit and PR experience i.e. you get along easily with people and can perform under pressure.”

… or check other opportunities at Fever.

… or check their website

And you’re interested in this check iAgora for similar opportunities in Barcelona, in tech, or in Europe. Search smart.



Wooga renting 20 flats for international hires in Berlin


Wooga is a cool company (online gaming leader) based in a super-cool city (Berlin).

“What I thought was amazing about Wooga when I visited the company’s offices in Berlin (which, by the way, are stunning as you can probably tell from the photos embedded in this article), is just how international its workforce is – and how Wooga has managed to get this talent from all over the world interested in joining (and sticking with) them.” Read full article

So check to see whether they have interesting opportunities for you.

Or better even, go to and save time searching jobs at Wooga and similar companies in Europe and beyond.



Engineers wanted at hot tech startup in Barcelona


If you are an engineer interested in joining a young and dynamic team working on a pretty exciting new app you might want to check Fever ( This is probably one of the most US-like European startups I’ve heard in a long time.

Design Engineer:

All 9 current vacancies:

Check the LinkedIn profile of their very young yet experienced founder:

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